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File formats, printing and copyright

We have tried to make all the individual files as straightforward as possible in order to minimise the risk of incompatibility. For this reason, the design elements of the various files are less sophisticated than they would have been had we supplied them in printed form. 

File Formats

We have deliberately restricted ourselves to three file formats: pdf and html files for the text documents and jpg files for the logos and artwork. 

Most computers are configured to open pdf files but if you do not have the necessary software (Adobe Acrobat Reader) already on your machine, you can download it for free, in just a few minutes by going to: 

Likewise, virtually all computers will read the jpg files. You should also be able to edit them (change the size and colour and so on) through any standard image editing programme.


Most of you will want to avoid unecessary printing of material but most of the documents in this pack will print easily if required. If you have difficulty in printing any of the documents that you need, please first see if you can obtain local help. However, if the problem persists, please contact us using the box below.

If you or a colleague would like hard copies of sections of the resource pack, please contact us using the box below. 

© Copyright etc...

The original elements of this reource pack are © Men's Health Forum 2009.

You are entirely welcome to use the NMHW artwork and logos in documents of your own (but not the MHF logo). Please respect this freedom by not attaching them to materials that have controversial content. Likewise you are free to use sections of the text documents in local publications or indeed, to use the documents in their entirety (the best way to do the latter might be to replace the MHF logo in the top left hand corner with your local logo, leaving the NMHW logo where it is).

Remember that you can copy sections from the documents in the resource pack and paste them into documents of your own but you cannot change the documents on the resource pack itself.  If you wish to amend the resource pack documents to suit your own purpose, you need first to copy the document or text in question onto your own hard-drive.

We have made every effort to ensure that the contents of this resource pack are up-to-date and accurate. If you find content that you believe is misleading or wrong, please let us know using the box below.

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