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The part of the UK where men die at 63

The state of men's health in parts of Glasgow is so bad that than the life expectancy of men is lower than in China, Thailand, Mexico and Venezuela.

Men in parts of Scotland have an average life expectancy of just 63 years, according to NHS figures due for publication on Friday 12 March. This is 10 years below the Scotland average for men (73) and over 12 years below the UK average (75.6 years).

The low male life expectancy problem is particularly acute in deprived areas of Glasgow. In Shettleston, a man can expect to live for just 63 years; in Springburn, the figure is 66 years.

Peter Baker, Director of the Men's Health Forum, said: 'These shocking statistics highlight the still poor state of male health in the UK. Men's health in Glasgow is especially bad but there are significant problems elsewhere among men in low-income groups. This is a wake-up call for urgent action from the government and local health services.'

See the Forum's full press release.

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