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White paper is 'fundamentally flawed'

The MHF's formal response to last year's government public health white paper Choosing Health is that its lack of targeting at particular population groups such as men is 'fundamentally flawed'. The organisation has called on the government to address this in its delivery plan for the paper.

The MHF response to the Health Select Committee enquiry says: 'The MHF broadly welcomes much of the White Paper. In one respect it is fundamentally flawed, however. Despite some encouraging references to several specific aspects of male health and to the need, in general, to target health improvement at specific population groups, there is no evidence of a strategic response to gender health inequalities. This omission is despite the Department of Health's apparent commitment, stated in several previous policies, to tackle inequalities related to gender as well as those linked to social class, ethnicity, age and geography. The Forum hopes that gender equality issues will be addressed in the forthcoming delivery plan for the white paper.'

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