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Bounce your balls and break a record

If you're going down to Brighton next week prepare to be bowled over by a lot of big, multicoloured bouncing balls. A bunch of fun-loving fundraisers will be aiming to bounce into the record books to raise money for the the Orchid Cancer Appeal for male cancers.

On 28 May, they're hoping to assemble over 1000 bouncers on Hove Lawns. But don't worry, these bouncers aren't the sort of humourless hard men you see on the doors of nightclubs. Each of these bouncers will be armed with only a Space Hopper! The idea is to break the current world space-hopping record of 551.

The picture shows a previous event. Looks like fun? Why not hop along? Women warmly welcome too.

Space Hoppers 

'All you need is a sense of humour, a Space Hopper and a willingness to fall flat on your face, arse or elbow,' say the organisers.

Bounce Your Balls For Cancer is a social enterprise that uses comedy, mad ideas and lots of lots of Space Hoppers to raise awareness of testicular cancer. Full details of how to take part in this record breaking attempt and get hold of your space hopper here.

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