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Hzardous Waist: The 'definitive' book on tackling male weight

Hazardous Waist, the much anticipated publication that emerged from the conference of the same name organised during Men's Health Week 2005, is now available.

Book jacketEdited by MHF chair Alan White and conference organiser Maggie Pettifer, Hazardous Waist promises to set the agenda for the way male weight problems are tackled in the future.

Being overweight can cause hypertension, hyperlipidaemia, diabetes and cancer. If current trends continue, three-quarters of the male population could be overweight by 2010.

This multidisciplinary guide provides a gender sensitive approach to weight issues arguing that men need to be targeted specifically and in a male-focused manner, in order to overcome the variety of factors contributing to their weight gain - social influences, dietary restrictions, education, cultural expectations, psychological considerations and exercise regime.

Offering practical guidance as well as evidence-based research, academic perspectives and personal experiences, the advice is easy to implement and has been proven in real-life settings.

MHF CEO Peter Baker who provides one of the book's forewords describes Hazardous Waist as a 'definitive and seminal book that will change the way male weight problems are tackled in the UK and beyond.' A number of other members of the MHF team are featured among the contributors including vice-chair Jane Deville Almond, web editor Jim Pollard and policy officer David Wilkins.

The publishers suggest that all healthcare professionals, nutritionists and dieticians will find the assistance invaluable. It is also highly recommended for psychologists, counsellors and therapists, particularly those working with men. Healthcare policy makers and shapers too, will find much of interest.

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