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The state of men's health today

The Forum is behind a new overview of Men's Health in Britain today.

Last year, Dr Alan White, the chair of the Men's Health Forum was asked to produce an overview of men's health for the Minister of Public Health, with priority areas identified and recommendations made for policy and research. The result was a concise but comprehensive overview of the state of men's health in Britain today. The Department of Health has now given us permission to publish much of that study. If you want a summary of the key issues in men's health in just 25 pages, this is it.

The Scoping Study on Men's Health includes:

Men's access to health services

Men's seeming lack of awareness of their health needs

Men's seeming inability to express emotions

Men's lack of social networks

Specific health concerns:



Testicular cancer

Coronary Heart Disease

Men's lifestyles issues


Accidents / Risk taking

Sexual health and HIV

Issues relating to special groups of men:

Men with disabilities

Men who have been to prison

Men who sleep rough

Men who have sex with men

Men from the immigrant and ethnic minorities

Men who are in, or have been in the armed services

Men as fathers


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