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Why not go to bed with Ian Banks?

Dr Ian Banks, the president of the Men's Health Forum, has done it again. Banks has long been the sexiest man in medicine and now he has committed his expertise to paper.

The Sex Manual, which hits the bookshops tomorrow, is published by Haynes and set out in the style familiar to many men from their popular car workshop manuals. It promises to show you 'how to perform more than a routine service'.

All the basics are there: how the parts work, how they fit together and what to do when they don't. There's also plenty of humour and advice on safer, healthier, happier sex, as you'd expect, but where the book really scores - phnarr, phnarr - is in it willingness to go all the way and discuss sex myths, masturbation, fetishes and pretty much everything else. There's even a Car-ma Sutra with a love-making position to suit every motor - except the Smart, obviously.

'Sex is fun, or so I seem to remember,' says Dr Banks 'which is just as well or the human race would have died out long ago. At the same time it is mainly recreational which is good news for a planet already creaking under the weight of homo sapiens. Unfortunately, it can, like driving, be dangerous. Knowing these dangers and how to deal with them is the equivalent of wearing a seat belt. This book provides an airbag as well.'

The Sex Manual follows in the footsteps of Ian Banks's previous collaborations with Haynes, the Man Manual, one of the best-selling men's health books of all time, and last year's Baby Manual.

Full review and more on sexual health to come. You'll also be able to buy the book through the Men's Health Forum bookshop.

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