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MHF broadcasts the 'censored' testicle video

MHF patron Dr Chris Steele appears to have been censored by internet favourite YouTube. The MHF's website Malehealth has steeped into the breach.

Chris, who is best known as the GP on ITV's This Morning, says: 'At the beginning of the year I posted two videos on, showing how to check for signs of breast cancer and testicular cancer. Both conditions can be fatal, but early detection improves your chances of survival. I often feature these examinations on ITV's This Morning, because they can save your life! I also posted them on YouTube, so they could reach more people around the world, but YouTube have rated them as suitable for over 18s only.

'This is very short-sighted of them, as testicular cancer in particular can affect boys under the age of 18. By limiting access, YouTube is stopping us from saving lives.'

The testicular cancer video can be seen by anyone of any age and without signing up to anything on the MHF's website malehealth. Both videos are avalaible on Chris Steele's own site

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