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Running a successful event

This section of the resource pack contains information on various aspects of running an event. These do not constitute a 'How To' guide but provide ideas plus guidance on various aspects of organising an event from fundraising to securing successful media coverage for your event.

What can I do?

Men's Health Forum projects

The Forum has a track record of successfully working with men in a range of settings. The reports below will give you an idea of how gender specific approaches to health promotion can be successfully implemented:



Fundraising for your Activity

Following advice from the NMHW2005 Evaluation process, the MHF has completed a piece of research which will help you to fundraise for your activity. This will help you identify sources of funding and how you can go about applying for funding for NMHW 2008.


Working with the Media

Working with the Media

Advice opn how to maximise your chances of securing positive media coverage for your event written by the Men's Health Week press team.


Diversity and planning

The importance of your health promotion activity during NMHW 2008 to reflect and mainstream the specific needs of various groups of men cannot be underestimated. Therefore, we have created a specific area of the resource pack to support your work in this area, which also includes the contact details of key organisations who will be able to give further support.

Diversity and NMHW

You will also find diversity reflected throughout the resource pack. 


Inspirability PEAC and Med charts

We are very grateful for these exellent resources, provided by one of our national partners for 2007 - Inspirability (

The PEAC Chart

The PEAC chart is normally used as part of the Inspirability Support course which is probably the only lay led self management course in the country aimed at providing real on-going support.  

The trick with the PEAC chart is that unlike the current pain control charts such as the BPI it doesn't just look at your pain 'now' on the day you attend the pain management clinic, it monitors the ups and downs over the week, but  by also matching it against  how much activity you do and whether or not that has upset the balance, which is often the difference between the individual managing the pain or condition, or in many cases being managed by it.  

Please click on the link above for a PEAC chart.

The Med Chart

The Medication chart has been particularly useful to those who have been recently diagnosed with an LTC, monitor the effects that their treatment. Especially changes on medication, have on them on a daily basis so when they see their consultant provide exactly how they have been feeling rather than do the 'well it's been up and down', or 'its not as effective as I had hoped'.  

Please click on the link above for the Med Chart. 

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