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This is a quick guide to the various sections you will find in the left-hand menu.

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The Administration area includes details about the week's organisers, the Men's Health Forum (MHF), the steering group, sponsors and partners. It also includes links to organisations involved in the week internationally and an appeal for men prepared to talk to the media.

Aims and Activities

Outlines the three aims and areas of activity for NMHW 2008 including suggestions for types of events.

Running Events

More detail on events including umpteen ideas plus guidance on various aspects of event organisation from fundraising to securing media coverage. Plus the opportunity to register your event.

Events lists 2008

All the events we know about as they come in. Please register yours.


General men's health stats plus stats on men at work, stress and other areas.

The Business Case for health at work

Outlines the research showing why looking after the workforce is good for a business's profits as well as the health and morale of its staff.

Other research

Other research into health and the workplace.


Resources related in some way - occasionally very tenuously (!) - to men's health at work from the MHF, the TUC, the HSE and other organisations. Also links to men's health websites.

Resources: stress

Resources related to the biggest work-related health problem of our time.

Resources: other common work-related health problems

Resources related to the six other main work-related health problems:

  • Asbestos
  • Asthma
  • Back Pain
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (or ME)
  • Musculo-skeletal disorders
  • Noise at work

MHW and the Gender Duty

Guidance on how your activity during the week can help to contribute to compliance with the Gender Duty. It includes information on what the duty is, and how you can get support from us in terms of using the legislation to improve the health of men.


Link to a section produced for the 2007 resource pack loooking at how more effectively to target various groups of men.

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