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9th - 15th June - Men and Work

With the success of previous National Men's Health Weeks, and the momentum increasing behind gender specific approaches to health generally, we expect the 2008 week to be the biggest yet. Next year, the week will take place 9th-15th of June.

Man at workThe theme for 2008 is men and work; although as in previous years we remain fully committed to encouraging a diverse range of related activity, whether that is connected to the main theme or not. The week will have three broad areas of focus:

  • 'Traditional' health and safety issues (e.g. work-related accidents and ill-health, both physical and mental). The Week will increase men's awareness of these issues and encourage employers and trade unions to develop a 'gender-sensitive' approach (e.g. literature specifically designed for men). A significant proportion of men's health problems are work-related, e.g. caused by accidents, exposure to hazardous substances and stress. This is also an important inequalities issue as men in disadvantaged groups are more likely to be affected by work-related health problems. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />
  • The workplace's potential as a setting for improving the health of men. The workplace is not relevant just as a setting for the prevention of occupational health problems. There is good evidence that, even though men are reluctant to access mainstream health services, especially primary care, they will use services provided at work and take part in health improvement initiatives (e.g. weight management). 
  • The government's health, work and well-being strategy. MHF is a signatory of the Health, Work and Well-being Charter and will seek to work within the government's strategy and to use NMHW to promote it more widely. By developing work in partnership with the government, the NHS and other public sector organisations, the MHF will also be able to support their compliance with the gender equality duty, established by the Equality Act 2006, which requires action to address the specific needs of both men.

NMHW will not be a negative event focusing on the problems that exist but will instead seek to promote a positive view of how the problems can be tackled by highlighting — and encouraging — good practice. It will signpost how health professionals and others working with men in the workplace can seek to improve their health outcomes. It will also seek to demonstrate to employers that there is a sound business case for action to improve the health of their male staff, especially for companies employing large numbers of men.

Resource Pack logoCompleting the registration form will ensure that you receive regular updates about the week as well as details about the NMHW2008 Resource Pack (which will once more be disseminated online) and the NMHW2008 Haynes Mini Manuals. The Men's Health Forum will also be collating a compendium of activity around the country prior to the week. Details about this will be sent to all those who register in the New Year.

As with last year, we are planning a range of national events and activities that will both complement and draw attention to the work that is going on at a local level, including a national conference. Registering with us will ensure that you are updated about these activities. Therefore, please could you complete the form below by the end of May 2008, but the sooner you register, the more information you will receive to support your work. I hope that you decide to take part in this event of growing both national and international significance.

All those who register will be contacted in March with details of the resource pack, national events and other elements of NMHW, including the Haynes mini manuals we will be producing. If you have any queries before this, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Matthew Maycock, National Men's Health Week Development Officer

Telephone: 08701453815


NB. If you submit this form the Men's Health Forum may use the information you have given to contact you. Some contacts may be automated. You can always opt out of communications at any time by contacting us.

NB. If you are in Scotland please register at the following link:  

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