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Ask Bupa experts a question online - and win a health assessment

Bupa are getting into the Men's Health Week spirit by offering their own online service targeted at men.

If you've got a men’s health concern that’s playing on your mind, send a confidential email to You can also visit or use Twitter @BupaUK. (If you go for the latter and you want privacy, make it a direct message!)

Bupa say questions will be answered live by their panel of health experts either the public forum or privately as you wish. ('All responses will be posted online but your personal information will be protected at all times.')

Win a health assessment

This will all be happening at:, where you can also enter into a draw to win a Bupa Health Assessment that normally costs £695.

  • For more information on the coronary health check offer and other assessments, visit Bupa's website.


Page created on June 8th, 2011

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