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Smart phone health apps

MHW 2011 logoAn app is a small computer program downloaded to a smartphone (or tablet) via internet.

There are utility apps that, for example, help you find medical services (often using a phone’s GPS or geo-location software), fitness apps that let you to record and track measures such as blood pressure, weight, calorie intake and number of steps walked (some include a motivational game element) and specialist apps aimed at particular groups such as health professionals or people with long-term health conditions.



iPhoneDon’t underestimate the potential of apps. Many are being developed for health professionals. This is a link to free apps for health professionals but there are some more high-end ones in development too. One day soon you could be diagnosed using one.

Tablet computers

Think a mobile phone is too fiddly and expensive for internet or app use?

Halfway between the smart phone and the computer is the tablet. Going online with a smart phone is fiddly, expensive and the screen’s too small but the way you do it – touching the screen and pointing at what you want – is easier for non-techies to learn than how to use a mouse and keyboard. Tablet computers like the Apple iPad or the Samsung Galaxy offer the best of both worlds – a decent size screen that you navigate just by touching. Many mobile phone apps work on them too. Initial cost is still relatively expensive but you can go online using a (hopefully free) wi-fi connection rather than a paid for mobile phone one.


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