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Health Clicks - the new mini-manual

Health Clicks coverThe latest in our popular line of mini-manuals, Health Clicks is the central resource to help you in your work for Men’s Health Week.

It provides a practical step-by-step guide to:

  • get those men who are not yet using the internet online 
  • encourage those men who are using the internet to use it to look for health information
  • empower those men already using the internet for health to use it more effectively and safely

Order your copies of Health Clicks here.

Written by Jim Pollard, author of The User's Guide To The Male Body and editor of the MHF's websites, the 32 page A5 booklet takes the frequently-asked questions approach so often used online to  the internet itself and how it can improve men's health.

It includes:

  • Using computers and phones to get online
  • Buying a computer
  • Training
  • How to search the internet for health information
  • How to tell if a website is reliable
  • Facebook
  • Top search tips for more precise searching
  • Buying medicines online
  • Top topics online including the penis, the prostate, mid-life crisis, hair loss and depression
  • How to use what you’ve learned online offline
  • Top 10 men’s health websites

Pretty much anybody can use the internet and used properly pretty much anybody can use it to improve their health. This mini-manual makes it simple.

This mini manual is available in a 32 page colour edition at £1.30 per copy in boxes of 100 so £130 per box including postage and packing.

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