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NMHW 2010 Resources: Aims and Outcomes

MHW 2011 logoWhy will it help a man's health to get him online?

Using the internet can improve men's access to health information and health services and help lead to earlier diagnosis.

During NMHW 2011, MHF aims to:

  • Encourage more men to access health information on the internet and mobile phones
  • Promote the wide range of new technologies now available to improve men’s health
  • Develop new materials for men to use on the internet, their mobile phone, etc.
  • Encourage service providers to seize these new opportunities to reach men effectively

MHF CEO Peter Baker said: 'We believe that new technologies can help to improve men’s health literacy and lifestyles as well as encourage better self-care and more appropriate use of services, leading to earlier diagnosis.

'At a time of financial restraint, investment in new technologies that improve health outcomes are an attractive and economical option for government as well as commercial organisations. Effective patient use of the internet can inform conversations with health professionals, improve patients’ confidence and help to put the patient at the centre of decision-making about their treatment. The MHF’s aim of maximizing the potential of new technologies to improve men’s health fits perfectly with the government’s intention to bring about "an NHS information revolution".

'We will also be highlighting the risks that are created by ill-informed use of the internet, for example by the online purchase of counterfeit drugs.'

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