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Resources to help get a man online

MHW 2011 logoKnow a bloke who ought to be online? Want to help him?

These are organisations working to help improve internet access.

UK Online Centres

Offer practical help for people who want to get online including computers and courses. Set up by the government in 2000 to provide free or low-cost internet access, there are 3,500 across England with similar provision in Wales and Scotland, through Learn Direct, and Northern Ireland. Every year two million people use a UK Online Centre.

Address: UK online centres, The Quadrant, 99 Parkway Avenue, Parkway Business Park, Sheffield S9 4WG
Customer helpline (for everyone in the UK): 0800 77 1234

Online Basics is an online introduction to computing course from UK Online Centres. The BBC have a similar course.

BBC Connect

The BBC also have BBC Connect which helps beginners discover new technology. Excellent resources for net newbies including First Click Friends encouraging existing web users to help new ones get online.

First Click Friends logo

Older computer userRace Online

Race Online is a government initiative with a simple aim: to make the UK the first nation in the world where everyone can use the web. Led by digital champion Martha Lane Fox, they'd like to do it by next year -2012. The MHF and Men's Health Week 2011 is a partner.

Information on events run by other Race Online partners.

Local libraries

Many libraries offer (or advertise offers from others to) help people get online. Talk to yours.

Help for disabled or older users

Doing IT DifferentlyIf you or somone you work with thinks they’re too old to learn or can’t use a computer because of a disability, they’re almost certainly mistaken. There’s an excellent booklet called Doing IT Differently published by RADAR. Its simple step by step approach will get anyone online.

RADAR – national network of disability organisations and disabled people
Address: RADAR, 12 City Forum, 250 City Road, London EC1V 8AF
Phone: 020 7250 3222
Fax: 020 7250 0212
Minicom: 020 7250 4119

Age UK also has useful information.

Age UK – organisation for everyone in later life (merger of Age Concern and Help the Aged)
Advice line: 0800 169 6565 (8am - 7pm)

  • Remember, if you're passing this info on to someone who isn't already online, make sure you include postal addresses and phone numbers.

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