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According to National Statistics, the UK has 40 million adult internet users, with 30 million people using the web every day.

But there are 9 million adults in the UK who have never used the internet.

Four million of those are among the most disadvantaged:

  • 39% are over 65
  • 38% are unemployed
  • 19% are families with children.

Once men are online they like to use it for health information (at least, compared to the alternatives!)

70% of respondents to a survey in 2009 said the internet was their first stop for health information mainly because it was quick, private and free.

According to National Statistics, 37% of men used the internet for health information in 2009, up from 31% in 2008.

More internet stats from National Statistics:

Men's health stats

  • 40% of men still die prematurely (before the age of 75).
  • Almost 100,000 men die prematurely (before 75) each year. That's more than the capacity of Wembley, nearly as many men as in the British Army
  • Unskilled manual men have a life expectancy of 73 and, in some parts of England, male life expectancy is as low as 65.
  • Male death rates are significantly affected by social deprivation and unemployment.
  • Coronary heart disease kills more men than women and on average men develop it 10-15 years earlier. South Asian men living in the UK have an even higher premature death rate from heart disease and stroke than men generally.
  • Men are 60% more likely than women to develop a non sex-specific cancer, and are 70% more likely to die from the disease.
  • Men are more likely to drink alcohol above recommended levels, smoke cigarettes and eat a poor diet.
  • By 2015, 36% of men will be obese.
  • Three times as many men kill themselves. The suicide rate for men is much higher in deprived areas. Young gay men are more likely than
  • heterosexual young men to attempt suicide.
  • Men visit their GP 20% less frequently than women and are also much less likely to have regular dental check-ups or to use community pharmacies as a source of advice and information about health.
  • NHS smoking cessation programmes are less well used by men than women as are weight management services and health trainers

More men's health stats from the MHF's Lives Too Short campaign.

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